Advanced Lending Solutions

World Class Lending Expertise

MortgageFlex allows you to focus on what you do best, originating, closing and servicing loans. Our team of experienced mortgage technologists provide you with the right solutions for your business needs.

For over 30 years, MortgageFlex has developed a world-class reputation of helping lenders automate their lending processes, highlighted by having the highest implementation success rates in the mortgage industry.

 HW TECH 100        Mortgage Executive - Top 50 Service Provider


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Compliant - Secure - Smart

The LoanQuest loan origination system is a combination of 30 years of lender's best practices and the latest technology available. Continuously updated for federal compliance and CFPB ready! LoanQuest promotes intuitive, smart business processes using workflow, business rules, and a one-stop loan work center.

MortgageFlex SSAE16 Certification    2013 BizTech Award Winner - MortgageFlex

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"As a provider of technology, customers look at us as an engine to help enforce compliance. We are the mechanism to allow lenders to produce high quality loans in an efficient manner." Craig Bechtle, MortgageFlex COO


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