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Reliable as the Day is Long

For more than three decades, we’ve been helping lenders increase profit margins and create efficient, compliant lending processes that equate to attractive ROI numbers.

Your investors expect profitability at every turn, and your own levels of efficiency often define your ability to ensure those dividends remain as high as possible.

What resources are you using to ensure you get there? 


Compliant is as Compliant does

There are hundreds of regulations that have to be in place for every single mortgage loan and while burdensome, failure to comply means costly fees and fines.

Striking a balance is easier than you think. Our unique system helps to automate the entire process, automatically reviewing every application for potential violations.

That means a mistake free process and higher profit margins you can count on. 


Smartest Kid in the Class

Concentrate on your work, not the solutions you need to do it.

We can help you keep your operational overhead costs in check, saving you time and ensuring consistency at every turn. We have the experience you need to identify and stop critical gaps before they create serious process errors.

Today’s market is highly competitive. Stay one step ahead.



Security is our Middle Name

Security is a must in today’s digital world, but it shouldn’t interfere with the level of flexibility you need to ensure every member of your staff can access  and collaborate over loan files and documents.

We’ve carefully designed our lending software to eliminate potential security lapses while continually enabling great efficiency, addressing two of your top concerns: productivity and security.

MortgageFlex has met SOC1 security standards since 2006.



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Our Products Rock


mortgage software made easy


We've been focused solely on the mortgage industry since 1980.

Our loan origination system, LoanQuest, was introduced in 1984 and we have been using best practices to refine it ever since. 

We use the latest technology and strong partners to ensure our software is the best in the market!

LoanQuest mortgage loan software

Loan Origination System

LoanQuest is an enterprise-level mortgage loan origination system that offers the functionality you need no matter how large your organization may be. 

LoanQuest TPO Portal

TPO Portal

The third party origination's portal is seamlessly integrated with the origination system and provides originators with real-time data - eliminating confusion, and guaranteeing the right information at the right time, anywhere.

LoanQuest WebConsumer Portal

WebConsumer Portal

Consumers have 24/7 access to chose a loan officer, complete an application, upload required documents, or check the status of their loan.


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