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Happy Thanksgiving!

By Joy Dowling |   Nov 21, 2016 11:11:33 AM

ANNOUNCEMENT #1116 - 005

MortgageFlex offices will be closing at 3 P.M. Wednesday, November 23 and will reopen Monday, November 28. 

Hosted support will be available.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday!

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New Customer Site Memo

By Joy Dowling |   Nov 21, 2016 11:03:15 AM

ANNOUNCEMENT #1102 - 004

We have exciting news! There is a NEW CUSTOMER SUPPORT web page!

You access it from the corporate site (existing customer service link) or you can bookmark the following link.


It is a SECURE web page which means you need a pwd to access it. The pwd is mortgageflex – this is to protect confidential information that is for customers only. Please do not share the pwd.

You can access the latest Release Notes summary and Case Management from the front page links. Case Management requires a separate customer login. The login is the same as you have today. If your login fails or you don’t have one, please speak to your technical support since not all customers have access. This access is determined by your organization.

Latest News contains customer notifications and they will be archived there. So if you lose an email, you can come here and find the missing information. Currently, the TLS upgrade and 16.3 Release  information posts are listed.

Please let us know if you have any issues accessing the pages.

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LoanQuest 16.3 Standard Release Availability

By Brian Dolan |   Oct 31, 2016 1:30:17 PM

ANNOUNCEMENT #1020 - 003

Good Afternoon,

It has been a busy couple months with the provision of the 16.2 release deliveries followed immediately by the completion of the optional transport (TLS security protocol) patches.  With the select vendor required TLS patch provision in the rear view mirror, we are now completing testing on a small 16.3 Release that is available for request.  This release is strictly to fix issues introduced and found in the latest 16.2 release.  Below is a case listing and brief description of what will be included within 16.3 as well as instructions on providing select required transport files (if applicable).  Specifications and test documentation will be updated on the secure ftp site for review tonight in the .NET release notes folder (Common \ ChangeLog \ Net_Change_Log \ _Release_Notes \ LoanQuest Application \ 16.3 Release Notes).

16.3 Release Cases:

  • 77318.18 & 77318.19 (ULDD Modifications) - For those utilizing ULDD delivery to Fannie Mae and/or Freddie Mac updates were made to the BorrowerPaidDiscountPointsTotalAmount attribute and logic.
  • 81477.03 (MAPR calculation update) - Updates to the MAPR calculation were required to include roll up fees when applicable. 
  • 81531 - (Closing Disclosure tolerance calculation update) - A new column was required to be added to the LE/CD comparison dialog box so users could select fees to be ignored from the 10% tolerance calculation when applicable. 

***Also included in the 16.3 release will be the two cases (81444 & 80706.02) we offered in the optional transport update (TLS) patch post 16.2 release delivery.  Attached is a word document conveying the specifics we communicated on this optional delivery.  If you did not request or require a TLS patch recently you will receive the transport updates with this cumulative 16.3 patch at this time.  For premise customers who maintain their application database onsite and have not taken the TLS patch, we will need you to furnish us with the below two transport files from all your applicable environments (QA, DEV, TEST, PROD, etc...) and package them in folders with the environment name.  For hosted customers we will handle this internally.  Please send these files or the location of them to your Project Manager or Customer Support. Below is further clarification and files required and the location they can be found: 

Transport Configuration Files Needed from Premise Customers:

File Folder Path Location:  Program Files \ MortgageFlex Systems \ Mortgageflex Transport Service \ Bin

  1. Mortgageflex.Transport.Service.exe.config
  2. Mortgageflex.Transport.ConfigApplication.exe.config

The specs and test results are available on the FTP site.

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