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Release 17.1 Follow-up

May 23, 2017 3:12:01 PM / by Craig Bechtle

Announcement# 050517 - 007

First, let me start out by thanking everybody who attended last week’s call. 

The 17.1 release is important for several reasons. We tried to create an all new user experience, improving the use of the product and the ergonomics of the day-to-day use.  We also incorporated resolutions to a lot of long standing changes that were delayed by the required TRID work.  We were able to begin incorporating a lot of the utilities and services that are provided by Microsoft as part of our Gold Partner status (e.g. column level encryption) and lastly, it allows us to move the product to more current Microsoft products (operating systems and database).

We received constructive comments and overall positive feedback from last week’s call.  Any release of this size is intimidating and we understand that.  It was with that in mind that we decided to assign star rankings to the changes allowing you to easily assess the impact of the changes on your organization and the level of testing that you need to commit to the release.  Please see the Release Notes PREVIEW for a description.

In support of 17.1 and as we committed during the call, we are providing a preview of the Release Notes and a list of the obsolete screens on the FTP site. We have provided answers to your questions from last week’s call below. In situations where we received multiples of essentially the same question, we have only answered it one time.  

A few statistics about 17.1. 

  • There are 196 cases which resulted in 241 distinct changes across 76 screens. 
  • Approximately 40% of the cases are enhancements. 
  • Almost half of the total changes occurred in the top 10 screens (Document Printing, Loan Setup, Loan Application (1003), 1003 Loan App, Desktop Underwriter, TRID Closing Disclosure, Consumer Loans, 1008 Transmittal Summary, Image Center and Wholesale Registration).  
  • 39 screens had only 1 distinct change. 

Looking Forward

We are actively working on HMDA and UCD.  HMDA should be released towards the end of summer.  UCD will be released soon after 17.1 is released however our release of UCD is dependent on the document providers release of the UCD file and the agencies options for delivery. 

We obviously want to give you as much time as possible to get 17.1 implemented before the UCD update is released.  UCD changes a lot of how loans are disclosed and delivered.  It is important to note that once UCD is in place, it will be very difficult to continue making manual adjustments to your CDs.  We believe most clients can produce CDs with no manual changes to the forms. 

However, if you are still routinely making manual changes to your CDs, once UCD is released, making those manual adjustments would entail making changes to the form and making the same changes to the UCD XML file, which is time consuming and difficult.  If you feel you need to continue making manual changes to your CDs after you’ve deployed 17.1, please let us know as soon as possible so we can assess the reasons for your manual changes and  work together resolve the issues.


MortgageFlex is also going through a rebranding process.  We will be more specific regarding names and such but the focus of the rebrand is to freshen the products marketing.  You will hear more about this as we get into the summer months.

Q&A from the 17.1 call on 4/27

Q: I wanted to ask if you would please be able to help us coordinate a call with someone in your IT department which may provide further detail on the prerequisites discussed during the 17.1 system upgrade call last week. We would like to know exactly what is needed from us as we are a hosted client.

In addition, as we briefly discussed during or call, we need more detail and clarification on moving our workstations to Windows 10 OS. Please let me know when you can have someone on your team available. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

A: This is one of several questions regarding the required client Operating System.  Windows 10 is not required. What is required is .NET 4.6.2.   If you have deployed Win 10, you should have this version of .NET included as part of that install.  So, if you are running Windows 7, please make sure you have upgraded your .NET version to 4.6.2


Q: 76 obsolete screens are being removed along with some dialog boxes. Can we please get a list of these? I doubt we use any except for the odd workaround at best though I’d like to make sure if we are that we discontinue use and find alternatives in advance.

A: We have included a listing of the obsolete screens.


Q: During the demo, I noticed it was run on windows 10 without the anniversary or creator update applied. As we’re targeting the anniversary update, will this be an issue? I’m expecting not though we have had another vendor certify only a specific Windows 10 release.

A:  See above.  Windows 10 is not the issue.  The version of .NET is the real requirement.


Q: Was any testing completed on windows 7 PC’s and/or is 17.1 still certified for that environment as well?

A:  All the initial testing was completed in Windows 7.  The final system testing was completed using Windows 10 in Azure. 


Q: Can we upgrade our application servers to Server 2012 in advance of 17.1? I know we previously asked about SQL 2016 and it was ok though this could be another move we can make now instead of at implementation if so.

A: All our hosted customers are currently running LoanQuest 16.3 on Windows Server 2012.  So, it should not be a problem.  Testing first is recommended.


Q: I’m assuming that the 17.1 changes (and probably the 2018 HMDA changes) won’t include the ‘old 1003’-see screen shot.  Is that a fair statement?  It just helps us to transition to the ‘new 1003’ possibly sooner if we know that.

A: We do want clients to starting moving off of the 'old 1003', however, the screen is still available and supported in 17.1.  The new look and feel do not work well, due to font size, with the old 1003 so you may notice that the look of the old 1003 is not as pleasing. That being said the screens should have all the same functionality.  

We are still working through how to handle HMDA 2018 fields.  Since the new 1003(one that has all new HMDA fields on it) does not have a mandatory usage date we are trying to determine if the new HMDA fields should be added to the 'old 1003'  Once that decision is made MortgageFlex will be communicating that information to all clients.


Q:  Also, you showed us new ways on how to create menus but am I correct in my understanding that unless we need to create or adjust a menu, that the existing menus will still work under 17.1 and that the new functionality is more on how to create or modify a menu.  Right?

A: You are correct on the menus.  The menu's you currently have designed will have the new look and feel once 17.1 is installed.  You will not need to set them up again.  We showed the designer because the right mouse click to all a new folder is new and not something that is obvious to the user.


Q: Lastly and most importantly, Is there any chance that you could provide me with an advanced copy of the cases and brief description of what’s included in 17.1, (please).

A: A Release Notes Preview is now available on the FTP site that has the case numbers and brief description


We hope this information is valuable.  We are working diligently to make sure the compliance changes are delivered with sufficient time to get them tested and deployed with minimal stress.  As always, we are available for calls should you have any specific concerns relative to product delivery. 

Thank you again for your continued partnership.


Craig Bechtle

Written by Craig Bechtle

EVP & Chief Operating Officer MortgageFlex Systems

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