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Competitive LOS providers estimate that you can close 1.5 - 2 loans per FTE, per month, with their system.Our customers average 3-4 closed loans per month, per FTE. A 200% improvement!

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MortgageFlex has partnered with Microsoft Azure to guarantee you the most secure hosting environment available anywhere.

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LoanQuest uses the same database for Consumer and Mortgage loans -  giving you immediate access to existing borrower information, when you need it.

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MortgageFlex presents the LoanQuest loan origination system

Loan Origination System

LoanQuest is an enterprise-level mortgage loan origination system that supports all types of loans – mortgages, HELOCS, consumer, 203Ks, USDA, 203Bs, construction, and bridge loans.

MortgageFlex TPO Portal

TPO Portal

The third party origination's portal is seamlessly integrated with the origination system and provides originators with real-time data - eliminating confusion, and guaranteeing the right information at the right time, anywhere.

Web Consumer Portal

WebConsumer Portal

Consumers have 24/7 access to chose a loan officer, complete an application, upload required documents, or check the status of their loan.

MortgageFlex presents the Origination Branch Portal

Origination Branch Portal

The Origination Branch portal allows any designated branch personnel to start a loan application, assign a loan officer, and get the ball rolling for your customer - with minimal training.

MortgageFlex presents LoanQuest_Servicing

LoanQuest Servicing

The Servicing system is seamlessly integrated with the origination system or can be used as a stand alone system. Real-time information and common language make this system unique.

MortgageFlex Systems presents LoanQuest_REO

LoanQuest REO

The REO system offers a vendor module, property valuation and account tracking and access anytime from anywhere.



Our loan origination system, LoanQuest, was introduced in 1984 and we've been using best practices to refine it, ever since. 


MortgageFlex has over 36 years’ experience working with all types of lenders ranging from mid-size to very large.  We have worked with customers over the years that have some of the most experienced and competent compliance departments in the industry.


We are industry experts in LOS compliance proven by our internally developed, accurate compliance calculations for over three decades.



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