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Efficient Lending

The Origination system's intuitive design allows you to close 3 and more loans per FTE, per month.


Real-time Scaling

MortgageFlexONE Origination is designed to grow with you - when you need it


Advanced Design

A single database is used for all lending and automatically cross-populates existing borrower data.


Dynamic Compliance

MortgageFlex is an industry expert in LOS compliance and we have proven this by providing our internally developed, accurate compliance calculations for over three decades.

smart lending technology  

The MortgageFlexONE LOS supports all types of loans – mortgages, HELOCS, consumer, 203Ks, USDA, 203Bs, construction/permanent, bridge loans, and manufactured housing.






More Efficient

close more loans


Competitive LOS providers are closing 1 to 2 loans per system user per month.


MortgageFlex customers are closing 3 or more loans per user per month.  A 200% to 300% improvement!  Without adding staff! 


Most LOS providers charge a fee for each closed loan. They have a monthly fee that includes a base number of loans and a limit on the number of users. If the lender goes over the base number, there is a fee for each additional closed loan. If the lender goes below the base number, the average fee per closed loan can increase substantially. The vendor wins either way. 

MortgageFlex keeps it simple by charging a fee per closed loan and a low monthly technology fee for access to the system. The number of users is unlimited. You volumes can go up or down without impacting your cost per closed loan. That's it!




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MortgageFlexONE from MortgageFlex Systems




grows with you


MortgageFlexONE is an enterprise-level loan origination system that offers the functionality you need no matter how large the organization.


Completely scalable, it’s designed to grow with you, adapting to meet your lending needs as your company changes, becoming ever more efficient, even during your biggest growth period.


We can scale performance to meet peak needs. If you have a busy month, we can quickly add power to match those needs, then decrease them when you are ready.


No other LOS provider has this ability.



Smart Design


MortgageFlexONE DB.png


With MortgageFlexONE, you have all your borrower's data available when you need it. 


The MortgageFlexONE loan origination system provides a single system of record for all mortgage and consumer loan types. 


Personal signature loans,
personal lines of credit,
installment loans,
single pay loans,
even bridge loans!


Cross-selling products is easy with MortgageFlexONE. Users access a single database that automatically populates existing borrower data for new loans.


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The loan origination system is feature-rich and comprehensive enough for whatever the market brings.


LoanQuest Loan Origination System Features - MortgageFlex




and confident in it


Dynamic business rules and configuration tables drive the Origination system not fixed templates. 



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We constantly check updated loan data with our Product and Pricing Engine.  Errors are identified as they happen in real-time when it's the best time to correct. 


We match our calculations with a third-party during the preparation of the initial disclosure and closing package, as an additional check. 


Compliance is “baked” into our product throughout the origination process, not an afterthought that's run as a separate service, before closing. 


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