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Q & A with Lester Dominick - Question 2

Fri, Oct 12, 2012 @ 11:17 AM / by Joy Dowling

What factors led you to rewrite the company’s user databases in .NET?

Q&A w/Lester Dominick

Our prior database was designed as part of our first generation product and served us well for 20+ years. However, we knew it was time for a major revision.

We redesigned the database from the ground up. We took a fresh look at the database requirements using the knowledge we gained in working with MISMO standards and the Uniform Mortgage Data Program requirements. We also knew we would operate in a paperless environment. We designed that requirement into the database using a no-SQL database to handle images. We are extremely confident this database design will be used for many years.

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Joy Dowling

Written by Joy Dowling

MortgageFlex Communications Director

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