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Q & A with Lester Dominick - Question 3

Thu, Oct 18, 2012 @ 11:39 AM / by Joy Dowling

Q&A with Lester Dominick

Did you fear that without reworking your technology and rebranding, that MortgageFlex would be left behind?

I think there is always a place for solid technology and a company that is committed to the market. However, we saw the changes in the marketplace and felt that it was an excellent opportunity to invest in new technology when most of our competitors were not doing so.

That decision proved to be the right one as the new version has been remarkably successful in all market segments, adding 18 new clients in the last year ranging from large mortgage companies, to banks of all sizes and credit unions.

Read more at http://mortgagebankers.org/tools/FullStory.aspx?ArticleId=34236#full

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Joy Dowling

Written by Joy Dowling

MortgageFlex Communications Director

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