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Q & A with Lester Dominick - Question 4

Fri, Oct 26, 2012 @ 11:45 AM / by Joy Dowling

Q&A with Lester Dominick

Is there a particular area of the real estate finance industry where you see new opportunities?

Obviously, correspondent lending is getting a lot of attention in this market as well as retail. We’re making a technology investment in both areas with an emphasis on web portals and mobile tools.

We are working with some of our new customers on new sales tools built directly into the LOS. The message we keep hearing is that they want one place for the originator to be able to do their complete job. Targeted directly to the loan originator, we’re working on a platform of components that include mobile tools, a new web portal, a mortgage centric Sales Cycle Management system and integration with some of the best marketing products in the industry. From a technology standpoint, mobile will continue to grow and evolve, access to and aggregation of third party data and validation of that data will continue to be a driver in our market and automation of the business process will always present opportunities for efficiency and growth.

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Joy Dowling

Written by Joy Dowling

MortgageFlex Communications Director

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