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Why'd we do it?

Tue, Jan 19, 2016 @ 01:41 PM / by Joy Dowling

We did it because it was time to simplify. 


New User Interface Offers Easy, Concise Information

Few lending software companies offer the number of benefits MortgageFlex Systems does to mortgage lenders  and that list just got longer thanks to their new website, MortgageFlex.com. Designed to promote the simplicity of their lending solutions, this modern portal is nothing short of eye-catching.

Better User Interface mobile_ap.jpg

Web site design has changed dramatically in the past few years, especially related to mobile demands. While MortgageFlex.com has always been mobile-friendly with responsive design, there were still old standards in place that limited information display. ‘Above the fold’ and ‘side scrolling’ rules have been eliminated by mobile technology usage, which opens up site design tremendously.

The architecture behind the new site means great things for users. It offers a logical roadmap for those who want to learn more about the LoanQuest loan origination system and its benefits, quickly and easily.

"We believe our web site should be as informative and simple to use as it is aesthetically pleasing," said Joyce Dowling, corporate communications director, MortgageFlex Systems, “The presentation of web site information has undergone major design shifts, consequently we built the features out to ensure that crucial information was clearly at the forefront of our web presence."

 MortgageFlex.com makes it easy to navigate to information about the solutions and services the company offers for banks, credit unions and mortgage companies. The site is dynamic with new offerings and helpful contacts continuously being added.

A Fresh Look

While the benefits of the site are advantageous, the new look is refreshing. Sleek and modern, it's easy to navigate and offers information-rich content about all of MortgageFlex's services and products. It's based on the latest responsive technology to reach across any application you may be using.

"We wanted to focus the way people see our entire line. The new corporate site is a good representation of that. LoanQuest has always been one of the most accessible and easiest to utilize lending systems on the market, and the site illustrates that well," concluded Dowling.

The new design includes features that make it simple to contact the company for those quick questions you might have when browsing their products while social media links allow sharing across platforms.

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Joy Dowling

Written by Joy Dowling

MortgageFlex Communications Director

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